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UK unveils brand new military aid for Ukraine with long-range Brimstone missile


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In the UK’s latest donation of military aid, Britain has sent the latest model of the Brimstone missile. The Brimstone 2 missile is laser-guided and has double the range of its predecessor and will help Ukraine force back Russian forces.

The delivery of the supplies of Brimstone missiles by the Royal Air Force was seen on video footage.

Missiles and missile launch systems have proven successful for Ukraine and have altered various outcomes to individual land disputes.

Ukrainian forces have taken the initiative and have created their own mobile launch platforms for the missiles by modifying their trucks.

Usually, the Brimstone missiles are launched from the air, but Ukrainian troops are aiming to destroy tanks and other Russian vehicles from long-range distances.

Ukraine initially received Brimstone missiles from the UK six months ago but the new and improved, more advanced model was seen being prepared for transportation from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

The original Brimstone missile was introduced to the RAF in 2005 which was subsequently updated three years later to introduce a guiding laser.

In 2016, the Brimstone 2, the more advanced version was given to the RAF.

Each advanced missile is thought to cost approximately £175,000 and can effectively hit targets in two separate ways.

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Brimstone 2 has a range of approximately 37 miles with a 6.3kg warhead when it is launched from aircraft.

It is ideal for hitting targets on the ground which includes moving vehicles.

On his first visit to Ukraine as UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak pledged yet more military aid in the form of a package worth £50million.


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