'Threats all they have left!' Germany brutally mocked for dig at UK over EU stalemate


'Threats all they have left!' Germany brutally mocked for dig at UK over EU stalemate

Express.co.uk readers have slammed Berlin after Germany's Minister for Europe Michael Roth urged Prime Minster Boris Johnson's Government to "come

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Express.co.uk readers have slammed Berlin after Germany’s Minister for Europe Michael Roth urged Prime Minster Boris Johnson’s Government to “come to its senses” over the ongoing dispute. Reader AlternativeforBritain commented: “When a German politician [says] Britain should come to its senses, you know that they are losing the argument. Threats are all they have left as usual”.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is a set of trade rules set up to prevent checks between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which is an EU member state. It was negotiated by the UK and EU.

Britain says it is not working on the ground, needs to be rethought and wants to end the Protocol’s oversight by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

However, the EU is digging its heels in by refusing to renegotiate the text.

Brexit minister Lord David Frost has repeatedly threatened to trigger Article 16, an emergency brake, if talks about Northern Ireland’s trading position fail.

In remarks made on social media on Wednesday, Mr Roth said the situation is “not a game”, adding: “Dear friends in London and in Great Britain, please come to your senses.”

“We want, damn it, to work together as partners and friends. We don’t want to permanently argue about what we actually have agreed.”

Another reader claimed Germany does not want to lose access to the UK – which they dubbed Treasure Island – adding that Berlin should be rebuking Brussels. They stated: “The NIP is the result of the weaponisation of [Northern Ireland], and the UK is trying to de-activate it”.

Fellow reader, Lets be great again!, said: “The solution needs to allow unfettered trade between GB and NI.


“And it wouldn’t help the NI problem either, because they would probably insist on a border between the North and the South (which is actually the correct solution but it wouldn’t help us because of the troubles and the Good Friday agreement)”.

They added: “It’s safer to leave things as they are. I’m sure we will come to an acceptable compromise eventually”.

nemesis200323 said they were “sick to death” of Mr Johnson and Lord Frost’s “empty threats” over the Protocol and the fishing row with France.

They claimed the EU has no intention of allowing a total Brexit, adding that the Government should tear up the Withdrawal Agreement and revoke the fishing licences issued to EU member states. They urged: “[G]o [WTO] as we should have done in 2016”.

The Withdrawal Agreement set the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Another reader claimed: “Back in the real world, the EU have not honoured the agreement from the day they signed it, as the UK has made abundantly clear for months.

“Now the EU’s despicable behaviour will trigger article 16, and the EU have only themselves to blame”.

Wafoo said: “So what Germany is saying really [is] ‘Everything will be fine if you give in’. No chance”.

Mac123 commented that the UK coming to its senses would mean holding a referendum to see if reuniting Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland were possible.

They noted: “Based on the results, the UK should then move forward. If reuniting NI with Eire isn’t possible, there is a customs border in Ireland. It is that simple”.

Another reader wrote: “Germany has not intervened. Germany’s minister for Europe has made a personal comment on social media – that’s all”.