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‘They can’t handle the scent!’: ‘Effective’ 99p method to repel mice from homes in days

Small but able to cause mighty damage, mice have been plaguing the homes of Britons for thousands of years. Scratching away from inside of walls and under floorboards, mice are capable of causing infection, spreading bacteria and destroying possessions. Mice are usually identified through their dark-coloured droppings and gnaw marks through cables, packaging and food. Weighing less than 25g, the rodents can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks, infiltrating your property and potentially breeding.

Homeowners may have heard of using peppermint oil to get rid of mice, but is this natural deterrent effective?

This antispasmodic may have its benefits for the body, but while we may crave its scent, it is much less favoured amongst pests – most particularly mice. 

So, for those looking for how to get rid of mice humanely, peppermint is one of the most effective solutions to use. 

This chemical-free method is a harmless way to regain order in your home, and you will notice results fast. 

However, if you’re wondering how to get rid of rats, it’s worth calling in professional pest control immediately. 

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She explained: “This method is effective against infestations as it creates overpowering pockets of scent that mice detest. 

“Therefore, the more cotton wool you use, the lower the risk that they will re-enter your home.”

Create a peppermint-based spray

Alternatively, the experts suggest making a spray – using two teaspoons of concentrated oil with one cup of water. 

Place the liquid in a spray bottle and shake it well before spraying in problematic areas. 

Katarina adds that you should reapply the spray every two weeks to ensure the rodent stays away for good. 

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Use a diffuser 

Filling a diffuser with peppermint oil is a long-lasting way to deter mice from your home. 

Even for those who have cured the problem, it may be worth keeping one at home to lower the risk of them returning.

As Katarina says, the best part is that the peppermint doesn’t just keep away mice but also other household pests. 

So, for those looking for ideas for how to get rid of ants, flies or cockroaches, this diffuser will help.

She added: “Plus, it makes your kitchen and living area smell clean and refreshing.”

Peppermint oil is effective in getting rid of mice because the smell is so unpleasant for them. 

Mice have weak vision but are highly sensitive to smells, meaning they are overwhelmed by “strong” essential oils such as this.

Katarina said: “The scent will also help to mask any other smells that might attract mice, such as food odours.”

Peppermint oil retails for only 99p at Amazon.

The length of time it takes to deter mice with peppermint oil varies, depending on the severity of the infestation and how many entry points there are into your home. 

However, Katarina suggests that, generally, you should start to see a reduction in mouse activity within a few days to a week.

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