'Their hands are tied': San Francisco locals demand change to stop brazen crime

San Francisco local businesses and employees are calling for change as they describe increasingly brazen shoplifting and car break-ins. 

Many residents told Fox News they believe changing California law Proposition 47 is the solution.

“The police are actually wonderful, their hands are tied, that’s what’s going on out here.” Gianni, a local who works in Fisherman’s Wharf, told Fox News.

San Francisco Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Robert Rueca explained “There’s a threshold of 950 dollars that needs to be met in order for a misdemeanor to turn into a felony when it comes to theft.”

“We have to enforce the current laws we have,” Rueca added.

Mario Ruiz, a San Francisco employee near Union Square, felt because of this law “there’s no penalty to shoplift.” 

California Gov. Newsom signs bill to combat organized retail crime following brazen and violent thefts

Other locals felt there needs to be a stronger police presence.

“There needs to be more police,” said Maneet Sohal, a local business owner near Fisherman’s Wharf.

“It’d be nice to have more foot patrols, more PD presence,” security guard J.C. Hernandez told Fox News. 

But the SFPD has been experiencing a shortage. “We’re about 400 officers below where we should be,” Rueca told Fox News. 

On whether the events of this past year had an impact on SFPD’s ability to successfully recruit officers, Rueca said “we are in a tough place right now in terms of how police are looked at. And with understanding that peoples’ fears and frustrations of seeing certain images can evoke certain messages like defund the police.”

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