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Tamara Ecclestone offering £6m reward for stolen jewellery in 'Mel Gibson style' plea

“Many things that were far more valuable to me than their monetary worth.”

Ms Ecclestone confessed that the incident “still traumatises” her family almost three years on and her daughter, Fifi, still asks “if the burglars are coming back” and struggles to sleep on her own.

Tamara continued: “The thought of those disgusting people rummaging through every room in my house, invading my home, touching my belongings and stealing some of the things most precious to me, mean I will never be able to lay my head to rest in that house with the same sense of security that I once had.”

Tamara also told her 459,000 followers that she did have security in her home at the time and was unable to claim insurance because the stolen belongings were excluded from her insurance policy.

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