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‘Harmful to them’: Avoid using tap water with peace lily houseplant – what to use instead

In a bid to help keep houseplants healthy, an expert has shared why tap water should not be used when watering peace lilies. Known for their green, glossy leaves, they are one of the most popular houseplants in the UK, despite being quite...

Surfing champion Kalani David dead at 24 after suffering seizure in water

Hawaiian surfer Kalani David, a former world junior surfing champion, died in Costa Rica on Saturday after suffering a seizure in the water, according to multiple reports. He was 24. “He was surfing when he apparently suffered some kind of epileptic seizure and drowned,”...

‘Petulance!’: King Charles’ ‘pen incident’ lands him in hot water in the US, claims expert

During the new reigning monarch's trip to Northern Ireland earlier this week, viewers saw King Charles III take part in a signing ceremony at Hillsborough Castle. However, the new king seemed to lose his patience and complained when the pen started to leak.Discussing...

Ukraine’s Zelensky sees damage in recaptured towns; Russia strikes city water system

IZYUM, Ukraine – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said towns and villages recaptured from Russian forces had been devastated, while a major city stepped up efforts on Thursday to repair damage to its water system from missile attacks. Kryvyi Rih, the largest city in central...

Water crisis: Murky brown liquid spews from Jackson, Mississippi faucet

Startling footage out of Jackson, Mississippi Friday of murky liquid flowing from the sink of a residential home underscored the serious water crisis plaguing the poverty-stricken city. Newspaper reporter Molly Minta posted a stomach-churning video of dark brown water emanating from her bathroom sink...

‘Correct’ way to water and feed ‘dry’ orchids – ‘must be room temperature’

AN ORCHID expert has shared the "ideal" way to water orchids. The fussy houseplants need to be carefully watered to avoid problems.
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