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How to deter wasps from your home using common household items – dislike 'strong scents'

With the heatwave set to continue this week, experts have warned that there could be a wasp surge across the nation. The UK has experienced the driest July on record, according to the Met Office. Temperatures soaring into the 30s this week and...

‘Potent smell’ you can use to naturally keep wasps at bay in the garden this summer

Make sure to empty and wash outside bins regularly, and keep bins away from windows to avoid attracting wasps into your home.Growing herbs in the garden can also act as a “natural wasp-repellent”.Not only will a herb garden improve the taste of your...

‘Simple steps’ to ‘deter’ wasps away from your home as expert predicts ‘bumper’ summer

Wasps and other pests can invade homes during the summer months, as they look for food and a habitat. Wasps are usually found in gardens, but open windows and doors can be attractive for the pests and tackling them can be tricky as...
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