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LaVar Arrington weighs in on Warren Sapp’s Colin Kaepernick ‘disaster’ claim

LaVar Arrington does not have firsthand intel on Colin Kaepernick’s workout with the Raiders, but vows that Warren Sapp is not a liar. Earlier this week, Sapp relayed that he’d heard Kaepernick’s workout was a “disaster” and “one of the worst ever.” The free...

Warren Sapp claims Colin Kaepernick’s Raiders workout was a ‘disaster’

Colin Kaepernick’s agent was “surprised” over Warren Sapp’s claim that the former NFL quarterback had “one of the worst workouts” with the Raiders in May. “I guess Warren didn’t talk to the General Manager or the head coach ,” Nalley told...

Warren Sapp shares Tony Dungy’s advice to avoid making bad headlines

Warren Sapp can still remember the five rules advised by Tony Dungy on how to stay off the cover of USA Today. Sapp appeared on the “Pivot Podcast” last week, and relayed the five tenets to avoid, spoken by his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers...
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