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The next MLB manager on the hot seat — and the ones getting warmer — after Joe Girardi firing

His first name is Joe. He was hired with a World Series title on his record. He beat out Buck Showalter for the position to manage a big-market, big-payroll club that simply has been incapable of making the playoffs. Joe Maddon has much in...

‘Use your instinct not a schedule’ when watering houseplants in the warmer months

With spring in full force and temperatures on the up, houseplants may need a little more care. As the weather is steadily heating up and increased daylight hours, houseplants will start to need more water and different positioning. Houseplant owners will need to...

'Only thing that works': Garden guru's best method to kill slugs as warmer weather starts

How to prevent slugs naturallyCopperCopper is said, by some, to cause little shocks to slugs. While the science is inconclusive, many gardeners swear by using copper tape as a barrier, putting it around flower beds and pots.Natural predatorsPredators of slugs can do the...
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