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US kills 17 Somalia terrorists months after Biden reverses Trump pullout

The American military has killed 17 al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia over the past week — three months after President Biden reversed President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from the east African nation. Thirteen al-Shabaab fighters were killed in a Sunday airstrike while...

R9X Hellfire missile used to take out al-Zawahiri is a precision ‘ninja bomb’ that uses blades to kill

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed Monday by America’s secretive and gruesome R9X Hellfire missile — which is also known as the “flying Ginsu.” The strangest variant in the Hellfire family of missiles — built as a precision weapon of targeted assassination...

US aircrew of cargo plane where Afghans fell to death cleared: report

The crew of a US military cargo plane that civilians desperately hung onto before plunging to their deaths during the chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan was cleared of wrongdoing, according to a report. Ten months after the disturbing caught-on-camera scene, the Air Force Office of...
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