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EU wants European nations to crack down on visas for Russian citizens

The European Union’s top migration official on Friday urged the bloc's 27 nations to clamp down on issuing visas to Russian citizens amid heightened security concerns over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats and his annexation of parts of Ukraine."This is clearly an...

Finland closes its border to Russians with tourist visas

Finland's border with Russia was closed to Russians with tourist visas Friday, curtailing one of the last easily accessible routes to Europe for Russians trying to flee a military mobilization aimed at bolstering the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine.Long queues were reported until midnight...

Afghan citizens who helped US now waiting in limbo for visas

Afghan citizens who worked with the US are still waiting in third-party countries for their promised American visas eight months after leaving Afghanistan.  “We are actively processing visa applications for Afghans seeking to come to the United States, including by assisting Afghans who qualify for SIVs...
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