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Bill Belichick marveled at Vince Wilfork’s weight loss: ‘What the f–k?’

Vince Wilfork is looking svelte, and Bill Belichick took notice. Wilfork is getting inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Saturday. There were Thursday night festivities where he tried on his red blazer to commemorate the occasion, and the world marveled at how...

Vince Wilfork’s son pleads guilty to stealing dad’s Super Bowl rings

D’Aundre Holmes-Wilfork, son of former NFL star Vince Wilfork, has pleaded guilty to stealing his father’s Super Bowl rings, among other valuables. Last year, Holmes-Wilfork was arrested in Galveston, Texas for stealing the Super Bowl rings. Other valuables that were reported missing included Wilfork’s...
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