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Drivers urged to 'make sure' they do one thing before selling car or risk being scammed

Modern cars and vans are packed with state-of-the-art technology designed to make the driving experience more enjoyable. Most new vehicles come as standard with sat-nav, entertainment systems and even built-in Wi-Fi hotspots.Some of these features also take note of the driving experience and...

Model Charli Howard's 3 steps she 'makes sure' she does to battle acne – wash pillowcases

Charli Howard spoke with exclusively about her struggle with acne as an adult. She said: "I never struggled with acne as a teenager (bar the odd spot), but once I hit 20, it came at me with a vengeance."There is still a...

'Not sure!' Dan Walker admits concerns about BBC Breakfast co-stars' secret conversation

Dan Walker, 44, took to Twitter yesterday to express his concern after Carol Kirkwood made an appearance in the BBC Breakfast studio. It comes as the BBC Weather favourite usually films her forecasts away from the main studio.The presenter shared a picture of...
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