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NH Gov. Sununu demands Biden apologize for ‘semi-fascism’ MAGA insult

​New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu demanded that President Biden apologize to Republicans after he compared former President Donald Trump’s MAGA movement to “semi-fascism.” Sununu, a Republican, said Biden’s remarks to supporters last week at a Democratic rally in Maryland were “horribly insulting.” “The fact that...

Gov. Sununu says he would ‘fire’ Treasury Secretary Yellen for inflation comments

Gov. Chris Sununu, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, on Sunday said if he were president he would fire Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen for misleading the American people about inflation.  ​”​I would fire the Treasury secretary. I think she’s completely misled America, because she...

GOP Gov. Sununu calls Trump ‘f–king crazy’ at posh Gridiron dinner

The Republican governor of New Hampshire dismissed former President Trump as “f–king crazy” during a monologue at the elite Gridiron Club dinner in Washington, DC, over the weekend. Gov. Chris Sununu first jokingly praised Trump’s “experience,” “passion” and “sense of integrity,” Politico reported. Then he...
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