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'It's a sticking plaster' Kate Garraway blasts Rishi Sunak's £15bn support package

The Chancellor has unveiled a support package to assist millions of households to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. The support, which will be partly paid for by a £5billion windfall tax, will give all households a £400 grant to help pay their skyrocketing energy...

'The damage is done' GB News guest slams Rishi Sunak's wife following tax pay U-turn

Murty announced she would be taking the U-turn so as not to be a distraction to her husband.She said in a statement: "For this reason, I will no longer be claiming the remittance basis for tax."This means I will now pay UK tax...

'She's not a UK citizen!' Adil Ray and Kwarteng in row over Sunak's wife's tax affairs

Some branded the debate a "car crash" while others praised the hosts for putting the MP on the spot.Donal MacRae penned: "Another car crash interview trying to make something out of something that is not illegal.""Car crash interview - no attempt to listen...

GB News guest slams Sunak's 'woke' mini budget 'Goes against everything Tories stand for!'

“To say we need to increase taxes of individuals such as National Insurance tax goes against everything that we stand for,” he concluded. Nana agreed: “It does seem a bit odd that they’re doing that as everything I’ve ever studied in economics, and I...
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