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Cancer: The feeling after ‘drinking or eating’ suggestive of stomach cancer – initial sign

Stomach cancer is among the most common and deadly around the world, particularly among older males. This deadliness is partly owed to the absence of symptoms in the initial stages when treatment is most effective. What's more, warning signs are largely non-specific, making...

Type 2 diabetes symptoms: 4 bodily sensations suggestive of extremely high blood sugar

One way to get ahead of any lasting damage high blood sugar can cause is to have the condition diagnosed in the earliest stage possible. In order to do so, pay attention to four bodily sensations that could appear. According to the leading...

Cancer symptoms: Three changes in your sweat patterns suggestive of the ‘deadliest cancer'

It is usually caused by marked changes in hormone levels, which are perturbed by cancer itself or the treatment for the disease.It is unclear why some types of cancer cause patients to sweat exclusively at night, but experts hypothesise it may be a...
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