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Succession’s Brian Cox detailed his doubts about Logan Roy portrayal ‘Horrible man’

In a separate interview with BBC Scotland, Cox opened up about playing an unlikeable character and stated: “As an actor, you never judge who you are playing.“You can't blame your parents for everything, you are an adult and eventually you are responsible for...

Succession’s Roman Roy star ‘so upset’ and ‘shaky’ filming final scene

HBO’s hit drama Succession followed the lives of the dysfunctional Roy family and their battle for power. After season three ended with a significant betrayal, Gerri star J. Smith-Cameron opened up about the unforgettable finale.In season one, the Logan family led by patriarch...

‘Truly, truly awful’ Succession’s Brian Cox pays tribute to Ukraine at SAG Awards

Scottish actor Brian Cox described the Ukraine invasion, which has been ongoing for the past five days, as "truly awful" when he was accepting an accolade alongside the Succession cast at the SAG Awards. The 75-year-old actor was one of several stars to...
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