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Succession's Brian Cox lands major new role away from HBO drama amid season 4 wait

After an explosive cliffhanger, viewers are eagerly awaiting the season four premiere of HBO’s hit drama Succession. While the instalment was officially renewed, fans will soon be able to see Logan Roy star Brian Cox in the upcoming Lord of the Rings spin-off.Fans...

Succession's Brian Cox claims he ‘nearly got cancelled' after erupting at co-star

Ahead of this year’s awards season, he discussed his craft with fellow actors Samuel, Tom Hiddleston, Oscar Isaac, Michael Keaton and Quincy Isaiah.After its stunning third season, Succession and its cast are expected to be amongst the favourites when the Emmy nominations are...

'Don't give a f**k!' Succession's Brian Cox on cancel culture as he 'says what he thinks'

Succession star Brian Cox has admitted that he isn't scared of cancel culture, revealing that he "doesn't give a f**k". The actor, 75, made the revelations in a new interview where he told how he used to "censor" his opinions but has become...
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