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Keanu Reeves opened up on throwing everything behind sister’s successful cancer battle

Beirut-born Keanu Reeves turns 58 today, with film lovers across the planet wishing the star a happy birthday. The Matrix actor has earned huge sums of cash for his roles, as well as amassing a legion of dedicated fans. Reeves' filmography does not...

Lavender: ‘Right time’ to prune popular plant – three ‘best things’ for successful growth

A LAVENDER expert has shared the "right time" to prune lavender plants. The gardening pro also shared the three "best things" for growing lavender.

Can you plant flowers in a heatwave? 3 crucial steps to be successful – 'not guaranteed'

He explained that while it is possible to fill up empty pots, beds, and borders in the heat, it is essential to get the basics right if you want to be successful.The time of day is crucialPlanting at the right time of day...

‘Wasn’t a struggle’ Gregg Wallace shares his successful 4.5st ‘weight loss secrets’

Gregg Wallace has lost a lot of weight over the past few years. The 57-year-old who presents MasterChef and BBC’s Eat Well for Less? ditched fast food, embraced home cooking, drank less alcohol and exercised regularly. As a result, he has lost 4.5...

When to plant grass seed for a successful lawn – the ‘added benefits’ of seasonal sowing

In most cases, germination should take between seven and 10 days, with most seedlings able to establish quickly as long as there is no risk of frost.While spring is considered ‘the best time to plant new seeds, several experts, including The Grass People...

Here’s a look at cases where insanity defenses have been successful in the US

Richard Rojas, the man who killed a teen tourist and injured dozens of pedestrians when he plowed his car through Times Square, was cleared of responsibility Wednesday because he was mentally ill at the time. A New York City jury accepted Rojas’ defense that...
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