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‘MrBeast’ becomes one of few YouTubers to surpass 100 million subscribers

The internet’s most outlandish prankster has finally made it into the 100 million subscribers club. MrBeast, the Youtuber known for hosting elaborate million-dollar competitions, surpassed the incredible career mark on Wednesday, naturally live streaming his countdown to 100 million on one of his...

One million subscribers blocked from Netflix in latest shutdown

With the flip of a switch, Netflix has blocked one million people from accessing its website, mobile and tablet apps. The leading streaming platform has this week closed down shop in Russia following Vladimir Putin's decision to wage war on Ukraine. Netflix has...

A price rise is coming to all Disney+ subscribers – act now to secure a discount

Disney+ is about to enjoy a flood of new boxsets and movies ...and a price rise to reflect the influx of new content. The Netflix rival, which launched in the UK in March 2020, has suffered from widespread production delays due to the...
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