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Yankees vs. Red Sox prediction: Michael Wacha looks to stymie Bombers

See Stiches' prediction as Michael Wacha looks to lead the Boston Red Sox past the New York Yankees on Thursday night at the Stadium.

Yankees vs. Rays prediction: Corey Kluber will stymie Bombers

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but my colleague Ted Holmlund (11-3) had no trouble building a four-game lead one week into the college football season. Well played Teddy! And thank you Howie Kussoy and Jeremy Layton for helping us feel better about our...

Yankees vs. Rays prediction: Domingo German will stymie Tampa Bay

There’s a sign on the wall, but we want to be sure. ’Cause you know, sometimes, words have two meanings. … The “Gun Free Zone” signs are up in Times Square. Joe from Brooklyn offers his perspective. “Criminals don’t play by the rules.”...

Mets vs. Rockies prediction: Taijuan Walker will stymie Rockies

The roller-coaster ride continues for the Mets’ Taijuan Walker (1-0, 3.52). And we are going to catch him on the upswing. Walker was filleted in Philly, giving up six runs. He followed that up with a shutout over seven strong against the Nationals....
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