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'I only included the funny stuff' Chris Tarrant on his new book and more!

Chris Tarrant hosts the gameshow ‘Man O Man’ in 1996When Chris Tarrant sat down to write a book about his life, he was determined it would be nothing like a regular celebrity memoir. In fact, the very first line of It's Not A...

'Used to share a lot of stuff' Bill Bailey in heartbreaking admission about pal Sean Lock

Bill reminisced about how the pair had originally met in a club in Twickenham and struck up a friendship which lasted for around 30 years.“We just seemed to get on,” he said about the late 8 out of 10 Cats panellist.“ had a...

'It's sparkling': Mrs Hinch fans share best way to clean shower door – 'brilliant stuff!'

"Rinse glass after every shower with a squeegee. I also rinse tiles and squeegee three times a week."I clean glass with Windowlene that includes vinegar...Tiles with Dettol with oxygen...Best products I have found..." said Chrissie Bushell Corfield.Linsey Allan recommended "washing up liquid"."Honestly, your...
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