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Olivia Newton-John lost these sparklers at Studio 54 ‘Grease’ premiere party

Olivia Newton-John’s sparkling personality was reflected in the diamonds she lost one summer night in the Big Apple. All eyes were on the “Grease” actress, who died on Monday after a 30-year battle with breast cancer, when she attended the film’s premiere party...

Widow reveals what it was like watching Mark Fleischman die by legal suicide

As Mark Fleischman drank the sodium pentothal that would kill him on Wednesday, he gazed at Mimi, his wife of 27 years. “We looked at each other like, ‘This is crazy in a way.’ My feeling was, ‘Wow. I can’t believe this is...

Studio 54 club owner Mark Fleischman dies by assisted suicide in Switzerland

Mark Fleischman, the owner of legendary downtown nightclub Studio 54, died by assisted suicide in Switzerland, a report said. He was 82. Fleischman was unable to walk and his speech was impaired after getting sick in 2016. Doctors couldn’t diagnose his condition. “I can’t walk,...

Studio 54 club owner Mark Fleischman: ‘I’m ending my life by suicide’

A king of 1980s nightlife, Mark Fleischman caroused with the likes of Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Rick James and John Belushi. He owned the last nightclub incarnation of Studio 54, and, by his own admission, enjoyed more than his fair share of illicit...
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