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Homes Under the Hammer buyer spends £2k to boost value by £24k despite structural issues

Homes Under the Hammer visited Wolverhampton in a recent episode where a property was selling at auction. Presenter Dion Dublin said: “This is our house. It’s got two bedrooms, a guide price of £30,000. In the auction catalogue, it said that you are...

Homes Under the Hammer buyers face structural nightmare before making £200k profit

One of the Darren’s said: “When we got all the architects and structural engineers, it was a lot more work than we imagined.“We had to put 16, 17 steels in there, which went through a little window at the top. We had to...

Best structural plants to put in your garden – including smart ‘alternatives’

Hollie Newton, chief creative officer at Sproutl has shared some options for those looking to add some structural pieces into their garden. She told “It’s quite a good time for looking at those structural plants in the garden like the evergreens and...
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