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Worker steals $22K in $1 bills from Rhode Island strip club in armed heist

A Providence strip club was robbed of $22,000 – all in $1 bills by a worker of the joint who disguised his skin tone during the gunpoint heist, according to reports. Right before the Cadillac Lounge strip club was set to open Monday afternoon,...

Mother of 3 shot dead after striking security guard with car outside Dallas strip club

A mother of 3 kids was shot dead by a security guard outside a Dallas strip club early Saturday after she allegedly plowed into the guard with her car, according to police and the club. Shalanda Anderson, 32, died at the hospital after...

Las Vegas jiggle joint ‘stands with Ukraine’ by auditioning strippers from war-torn nation

A strip club outside of Las Vegas is supporting Ukrainians in their struggle against the Russian invasion by hiring strippers from the war-torn country. The venue Little Darlings recently posted an ad on their club’s signage that declares: “Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers.” The...

Woman goes missing after leaving Houston strip club, investigator finds bloody phone

A Houston woman has vanished while leaving a local strip club — and now her family fears the worst after her phone was discovered in a park covered in blood, authorities said. Felicia Johnson, 24, was last seen at the Cover Girls Night...
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