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New report breaks down the most, least stressed cities in America

From inflation to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are plenty of reasons why Americans may feel stressed.  A new study has found that some areas of the country are more stressed than others.  On Monday, WalletHub published a report that found the most and least stressed...

‘Really makes me stressed’: Brits ‘struggle’ with calories on menus as new law takes hold

The Government proposed the new calorie-labelling regulation in May last year as part of its wider plan to tackle the UK’s obesity epidemic. By listing calories on menus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s aim is to help people make healthier choices. Although some agree...

Stressed? Relax and switch off with Paul McKenna's techniques

Relieve your stress (Image: Getty)The body's stress response mechanism works like a car alarm. If a threat is detected - be it the pandemic, the situation in Ukraine or something closer to home - the internal alarm system lets us know something is...
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