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‘Game changer!’: ‘Magic ingredient’ to clean windows in seconds for ‘streak-free’ results

Rather than using a regular window cleaner, a car glass cleaner can prevent hard water stains that build up when it rains.Using a car cleaner on windows every week could be an easier and faster solution. It can be picked up from Halfords,...

‘Quick and easy’ way to get ‘clean and shiny streak-free’ windows using 29p cleaning hack

Cleaning windows is a tedious household chore, especially if you have a conservatory with many windows. However, it is recommended to clean them at least once a year to maintain them and to avoid scratches. Andrew Bradley, a professional in the Commercial Cleaning...

‘Dissolves horrid build-ups!’: ‘Cheaper and more effective’ tip for ‘streak-free’ windows

Before washing the glass on windows Chris urged Britons to start with the frames. He said: “When washing windows, it’s important to start with the frames first, so you don't drip dirty water onto any clean panes. “Wash your frames with lots of clean,...

‘Shining!’ Clean windows in seconds with clever streak-free solution – just 2 ingredients

LOOKING for an easy way to clean your windows? Here's a simple solution to make that you simply pour onto the glass and leave to dry.

Use ‘effective’ 55p method to get ‘completely streak-free’ windows with ‘ease’

The process of cleaning windows may seem simple – but often – it is harder than expected to achieve a streak-free finish. However, the secret to a spotless result may come in the shape of a domestic essential that may be hiding in...

‘Nothing beats it!’: Mrs Hinch fans share free trick to leave windows ‘streak-free’

“Been using it for years to clean windows, mirrors, stainless steel and water plants etc. Nothing beats it and doesn't cost a penny.”Marie Helen said: “I use water from my condenser dryer, game changer.”Pauline Wigmore wrote: “Water from the tumble dryer and a...
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