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Dog sets home on fire after turning on stove

A Missouri home burst into flames after a dog inside managed to turn on the kitchen’s stove, leading to a grease fire, officials say. The incident – which was captured on the homeowner’s security camera – unfolded Friday morning in Parkville, just outside of Kansas City, according to Southern...

Wood-burning stove regulations: 3 rules you MUST know or face £1,000 fine

These areas only allow you to burn an authorised fuel, or use an ‘exempt appliance’.Examples of ‘smokeless’ fuels which can be used include anthracite, semi-anthracite, gas and low volatile steam coal.The Government has also issued a list of authorised fuels that ‘smoke control’...

Wood-burning stove rules: Key changes you need to be aware of in 2022

Wood-burning stoves are a popular appliance amongst UK households to heat the home and understandably so - they’re warm, cosy, and with the rising electricity prices, it can feel like a more cost-efficient option for many. However, these stoves can have a detrimental...

How Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa and the rest of MLB’s hot stove could shake out (whenever that is)

We are closer to major league baseball. That sentence contains no great insight. Either the league and the Players Association will negotiate a settlement in the coming days and the season will start on time on March 31, or they won’t and Opening Day...
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