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Residents resist leaving devastated Florida island after Hurricane Ian

Tucked in between Cape Coral, Florida and Pine Island holds the small community of Matlacha Island. Matlacha was once filled with colorful businesses, restaurants and homes belonging to residents that enjoyed paradise in their backyard. After the destructive winds of Hurricane Ian all...

Hurricane Ian before and after photos show scope of storm’s devastation

Shocking before and after photos reveal the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian’s rampage across the scenic coastal town of Fort Myers and nearby areas Wednesday. The historic Category 4 storm ransacked wide swathes of the city, obliterating once pristine stretches of beach, leveling longtime...

High-rise residents describe swaying building as Hurricane Ian leaves Fort Myers in shambles

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The road to Fort Myers is littered with power boats, yachts and jet skis – including by its ‘Welcome’ sign – in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian which smashed into the coastal city Wednesday as a Category 4...

Video shows hero firefighter rescuing man trapped in Hurricane Ian flood

Pulse-pounding video shows a heroic Florida firefighter rescuing a motorist trapped in rising floodwaters in Naples on Wednesday. The desperate man can be seen sitting inside a nearly submerged white sedan as the fireman wades towards him in waist-deep water. He breaks a rear driver’s-side...

Hurricane Ian live tracker: Florida sheriff says fatalities in the ‘hundreds’

Follow the New York Post's live coverage of Hurricane Ian as it moves North after lashing Florida. Get the latest on path updates, timelines, evacuation notices and more.

Intense video shows devastating impact of Hurricane Ian on Fort Myers

The idyllic coastal town of Fort Myers, Florida now looks like it has fallen into the ocean as floodwaters from Hurricane Ian engulfed the city Wednesday. The water is rising so quickly footage from the same camera just an hour apart shows it becoming...
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