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'We stopped' Andy Murray and wife Kim Sears made U-turn at home as he rules out more kids

They’ve been through the Frozen stage, as evidenced by an Instagram post in which he wears what his daughters called a “skirt” – his kilt – plus a homemade Elsa tiara. Whatever show they’re into, he lets them play the songs in his car....

Flog It! star Paul Martin opens up on show's cancellation 'Wish it had never stopped'

The 63-year-old presenter said he "misses" the popular BBC series, which ran from 2002 to 2020. Speaking exclusively to, the antique dealer said he is glad he still gets to see familiar faces from the show in his other projects.Paul was the face...

'Should be stopped': Professor warns against taking mineral supplement – 'bad' for heart

The Mayo Clinic cited a recent analysis of peer-reviewed, double-blind studies which concluded that calcium supplements increased the risk of heart disease, particularly in healthy, postmenopausal women.The health body points out that other studies have said calcium supplements don't increase the risk."In general,...
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