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The Last Kingdom star recalls ‘painful’ scene with Stiorra actress Ruby Hartley ‘It hurt!’

“They had tried to heat it a little bit so it was a little bit warm for my face, but, like, after 10 minutes it was cold. And we had a couple of hours shooting that.“I had it way up my nose! I...

The Last Kingdom’s Stiorra star pays tribute to Alexander Dreymon ‘Very calm and kind’

“So, when you’re working with him, he’ll give you something and it’ll bring a different energy shift into the scene.“He would sometimes be doing a scene with you, and he would be thinking as the actor and the director at the same time.”Rowley...

The Last Kingdom season 5: Stiorra actress opens up on huge milestone 'Really scary'

“And there was not much acting that needed to be involved when it actually came down to it on the day.“But yes, it was probably one of my favourite things that I’ve done since being out here this year.”Stiorra and Brida’s fates have...

The Last Kingdom's Stiorra star sends touching farewell to crew member ‘One of a kind’

“Thank you for spending more time with me than anyone should ever be subjected to, reminding me to blow my nose, making me look much better than I do in real life, having banging playlists and brightening even the earliest of early mornings...
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