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'At first I felt ashamed': Man loses 4st with 'yellow sticker’ diet – 'it saved my life'

Dean, 46, left his job as a recruitment manager in the NHS to care for his husband, who died earlier this year. He then found his talent for shopping and slimming on a budget and decided to follow a very healthy diet made...

Bold New York driver tried to float ‘very poor’ fake inspection sticker: sheriff

A daring upstate New York driver tried to pull one over on authorities by tacking on a “very poor,” hand-drawn inspection sticker to their vehicle, police said. The motorist had the handmade placard taped to a vehicle that was pulled over following a complaint...

‘A head with legs and colors’: This creature in lead to be NY ‘I Voted’ sticker

The “I Voted” sticker is getting a makeover in upstate New York – and a spider-like psychedelic critter is squirming its way to victory. The Ulster County Board of Elections launched a student contest for the second consecutive year for 13- to 18-year-olds to...

Man's 'regret' after week of eating only Tesco, M&S and Morrisons yellow sticker food

Gregory Ford, 30, only picked items with stickers on, highlighting the food was significantly reduced. They typically have short use-by dates so often have to be consumed on the same or next day. Gregory had been given a tip that it was a...
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