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STI: The infection the NHS doesn’t test for as cases rise – unusual symptoms to spot

STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection and occurs when an infection is transmitted from one person to another during sex. Post-lockdown, the WHO has noted a surge in STIs worldwide, including those which are both common and what Clarewell Clinics describes as “non-classical”....

‘Tingling’ hands could signal certain STI that can go misdiagnosed in the heat

Eye discharge can also appear as an “early warning sign” of the STI.Genital herpes can be passed on through vaginal, anal and oral sex.Outbreaks can take up to a week to appear after contracting the infection and it is at its most contagious right...

STI symptoms: The sign in your mouth that can signal syphilis – 'See a GP'

Syphilis is a well known STI, which if left untreated can lead to potentially life-threatening problems. These include heart failure and seizures, among other medical issues. The NHS advises going to a sexual health clinic or seeing a GP if you or a...

Dementia warning: The STI known to cause cognitive decline – it is on the rise

THERE are myriad factors contributing to the growing prevalence of dementia, but ageing populations are believed to be the main driving force. One STI, which is becoming increasingly prevalent, has also been shown to trigger the onset of dementia.

STI warning: The sexual condition linked to cancer and infertility warns expert – signs

STI’s are becoming more common with many still nonchalant when it comes to its dangers. From infertility, to compromised immune system and even cancer; ignoring the symptoms could cost a person dearly.  Dr Manoj Malu, Director of Clarewell Clinics spoke exclusively with

STI symptoms: Putrid sweat smells in men and onion odours for women could signal infection

STI symptoms can range from mild to severe — and they can affect different parts of the body. After an initial infection, it can take days, weeks, months, or even years for symptoms to appear. Certain odours can be a clear indicator you...
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