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Steve Smith rips Sam Darnold: Panthers don’t need ‘librarians’ at QB

If it was up to Steve Smith Jr.., Baker Mayfield would already be named the Panthers starting quarterback and Sam Darnold would be elsewhere. The former Panthers receiver endorsed Mayfield for the job and took some shots at Darnold during the team’s second preseason...

Steve Smith makes fake Giants coaching announcement

Steve Smith swerved the internet on Thursday. The former wideout for the Panthers and Ravens tweeted that he was “officially” joining the coaching staff of the New York Giants, and boasted that he’d scooped NFL insiders Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport on the news. However,...

Steve Smith destroys Baker Mayfield after cryptic note about future

Steve Smith gave Baker Mayfield a verbal smackdown on Wednesday after the Browns quarterback shared a cryptic note amid “uncertainties” about his future in Cleveland. While discussing the former first-overall pick on NFL Network, Smith said he, like Mayfield, wore his emotions on...
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