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Aaron Judge restoring romance to MLB that’s been gone since steroid era

The record is 73. One can call it tainted or inauthentic, but Barry Bonds indisputably set the major league record for home runs in a season by smacking the cartoonish total of 73 in 2001.  But it has become equally irrefutable over this last...

This should be Aaron Judge’s home-run record chase — but Steroid Era inflation ruined it

Aaron Judge is in the midst of one of the most remarkable seasons imaginable. It should be one of the biggest news stories in the country, transforming Judge into baseball’s first true crossover star since Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

Steroid cream: Expert issues warning for long-term use – 'Side effect more likely'

Topical steroid creams are used year round by people with a variety of skin conditions and subtypes of eczema. However, in common with all medications, they can cause some side effects when used. Some of these side effects though, come not when someone...

Mets’ Robinson Cano just latest steroid double standard

PORT ST. LUCIE — Robinson Cano spent 11 minutes Tuesday apologizing, though never exactly saying what about. As first attempts to explain bad behavior, it was better than Mark McGwire and Pete Rose and worse than, you know, the full truth. I have known...
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