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Dementia: The 12p spice known to boost the production of stem cells in the brain by 80%

Dementia describes a set of diseases characterised by the gradual degeneration of brain functions. In people with the disease, neurons become injured and die throughout the brain and the connection between these neurons breaks down, causing regions of the organ to shrink. Fortunately,...

'Saving a stranger's life with my stem cells felt like winning the lottery'

Blood cancer: Symptoms explained by healthcare professionalsAlex Christopher, 35, now calls Patrick Languzzi, 56, "his brother" having "given him a second chance" following Patrick's battle with acute myeloid leukemia. When Patrick was diagnosed with the rare cancer, medics feared the worst and gave...

When to deadhead and cut back tulips: Wait for clue from leaves to remove flower and stem

Polly Wilkinson, a British gardener designer, described everything Britons need to know about growing and looking after tulips. Polly owns a multi-award-winning garden design studio specialising in "elegant, liveable gardens". Britons can follow the RHS Chelsea 2022 gardener at @pollyanna_wilkinson. Polly discussed "everything you...

‘Do not cut the stem!’: Monty Don shares ‘the best way’ to deadhead tulips this spring

Monty Don known for presenting Gardeners’ World since 2003, has shared a plethora of gardening advice throughout his career. Each month the expert shares blog posts of jobs to do in the garden, including how deadhead tulips in April. Deadheading plants is one...
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