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Rangers unwavering as they stare down elimination: ‘Been here before’

TAMPA, Fla. — So, here the Rangers are once again.  For a whopping sixth time this postseason to be exact, the Rangers are gearing up for a 60-minute-or-more battle that will determine if their wondrous 2021-22 season will live to see another day, This...

'Privacy please?' Woman furious as neighbour's 'rude' children stare over fence 'Annoying'

"I will be on the phone (I go in my garden to take calls sometimes as my TV is on/kids are chatting away) and next doors kids will be calling me over the fence to ask me questions or ask where my children...

Our hellish neighbor installed a mannequin to stare into our bedroom

A couple claim their hellish neighbor installed a mannequin to stare into their bedroom from their loft window. Rosie and Christopher Taylor-Davies say they were forced to live in “darkness” with the curtains drawn after Simon Cook propped the dummy up so it faced...
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