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Garrett Wilson’s Jets star turn could come against Bengals

If a star can be born on one glorious Sunday in Cleveland, there are sure to be a growing number of No. 17 jerseys in the MetLife Stadium stands when Garrett Wilson returns home this Sunday a conquering hero. “That’s what’s up. … Anytime...

Mark Hamill thought he was auditioning for ‘sidekick’ role in Star Wars

Renowned actor Mark Hamill celebrates his 71st birthday on September 25, 45 years after he received the role of a lifetime. The actor had only been in one film before auditioning for Star Wars and thought he would be playing Harrison Ford’s sidekick. Hamill...

Michael Douglas’ rare meeting with musical star as a child – ‘His face was shimmering!’

The actor admitted he had only ever briefly met Liberace, but knew him back then as “Lee”, a friend of his father’s. Michael explained that the musical sensation simply stopped by his home one day to say hi: “He was in this big Rolls...

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant's star sign forecast for Sunday, September 25

TODAY'S horoscope has relationships improving for one star sign, while another finds work and home matters in a state of unwelcome flux. What else can you expect? Russell Grant shares his analysis

EastEnders theory: Linda Carter finds happiness with Walford resident as star drops clue

“As you know, I do a lot of theatre and touring in theatre companies. Coming back, with the cast, the producers and directors and writers, there's a real sense of a theatre community.“The way it's changed now, I think it's down to Chris...

The Serpent Queen star shares unexpected weapon to feel 'powerful' on set

As Catherine grew older, her methods for keeping everyone in line became more horrific.She wasn't afraid to use torture and the Chateau de Blois held a cabinet that stored her extensive collection of deadly poisons.It was partly down to these techniques that Catherine...
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