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Anthony Weiner returns to Twitter after 9 years away — but followers say ‘just don’t’

It’s just too hard for Weiner to stay off Twitter. The disgraced ex-congressman-turned-convicted sex offender has returned to the social media site that set the stage for his sex selfie-fueled downfall more than a decade ago. The 57-year-old tweeted on Wednesday for the first time...

Lawmakers say illegal immigrants taking selfies to celebrate crossing border

Members of Congress claimed this week that migrants crossing the US-Mexico border illegally are snapping selfies to celebrate making it into America. Lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee were joined by Fox News Digital earlier this week in Yuma, Ariz., for a firsthand...

John Travolta takes selfies with fellow shoppers in Morrisons

The Grease and Pulp Fiction double Oscar winner posed happily for selfies with stunned fans as he stocked up in the Fakenham supermarket. Shop worker and “massive fan” Nicola Gee was first to spot the 68-year-old actor. She said: “I’m still a bit...

How to look better in selfies and group photos

Couple On Road Trip Sit On Convertible Car Taking Selfie (iStock)NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! When’s the last time you looked at a photo of yourself and thought, "Dang, I...
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