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Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Elon Musk unveils SpaceX' new military 'Starshield' programme to thwart Russia's invasion

SpaceX, Elon Musk's space company, has unveiled a new satellite project that could be used to thwart Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The company's...

Bodies of 2,500 endangered seals wash up on Russia's Caspian Sea coastline

The bodies of 2,500 seals have been found dead on the northwest shores of the Caspian Sea, officials have said. The endangered species,...

Germany admits responsibility over Russia's invasion of Ukraine for gas pipeline plans

German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann admitted on Tuesday that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project agreed upon between Germany and Russia amounted to...

NATO's next 'challenge' pinpointed as 'wild card' China to determine Russia's future

Western countries opposing Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will face the "challenge" of coaxing Beijing into aligning with NATO, rather than Russia, in the...

Zelensky hails UK's £50m air defence package to help wipe out Russia's Iranian-made drone

The Prime Minister used his  first trip to war-torn Ukraine since taking office to promise a £50million air defence package to neutralise deadly...

Huge explosion rips through gas pipeline near Russia's St. Petersburg

Russia's second-largest city experienced a large explosion earlier today. It is still unknown how it happened, and whether it was caused by a...

'Get out of Ukraine now!' Rishi Sunak calls on Putin to end Russia's 'barbaric' war

The Prime Minister glowered at Moscow’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, who the Russian president sent in his place to the G20 summit in...


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