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'Had to go off set' Rowan Atkinson on how Man vs Bee co-star 'had to cool off'

Rowan Atkinson is starring in a new Netflix comedy series, Man vs Bee, as housesitter Trevor Bingley. While looking after an elegant mansion for a well-to-do married couple, he finds himself entrenched in an ongoing battle with a bee. The star spoke to

Man vs Bee: Rowan Atkinson speaks out on stop to filming 'Couldn't shoot for two weeks!'

MAN VS BEE star Rowan Atkinson has made his highly anticipated return to the screens and revealed why he had to stop filming the series for two weeks.

The One Show viewers blast 'shambles' episode with 'wasted' Rowan Atkinson interview

A few viewers found something a bit more positive to say, however, with Charlie writing: “Rowan Atkinson is so fascinating #TheOneShow.”Rowan’s new Netflix comedy Man Vs Bee promises to be a lot of laughs, as it relies on the Mr Bean star using...

'He's a nasty piece of work’ Rowan Atkinson savages iconic Mr Bean role 'Keep him at bay'

"He was a self-centred, self-regarding sort of natural-born anarchist," Rowan explained."I loved Mr Bean," the BBC presenter argued back, laughing."I mean, he's fun to watch," the actor admitted. "But yeah, not fun to have around in your house."The Johnny English actor continued: "You've...

Rowan Atkinson slams cancel culture as he says 'the job of comedy is to offend' 

Rowan is currently starring in Netflix’s Man vs Bee, a comedy in which he plays a man called Trevor who finds his nemesis in a bee while house-sitting. Comparing Trevor to Mr Bean, one of his most famous characters, Rowan told Deadline: “Trevor is...

Rowan Atkinson: Playing Mr Bean is like entering a completely different world

The comedy actor, 67, has played the childish buffoon since 1990, with the original sitcom spawning films, books and an animated series.Rowan said: "Bean is such a weird man and - I like to think at least - far removed from my own...
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