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Shoppers ditching ovens for Ninja air fryer dupe by Argos

Many homeowners have been seeking ways to feed their families for less amid the cost of living crisis and worries about energy prices, including using energy-saving appliances like slow cookers and air fryers.One dual air fryer, in particular, has been back in stock...

‘Your oven will lose heat’: Four ways Britons can save money when using ovens

Pranjal added: “These small adjustments to your everyday activities in the home can make a significant difference to your overall costs.”4. Use a slow cooker insteadInstead of switching on the oven, use a slow cooker which uses very little energy.Stews, bolognese, soups and...

Ovens: How to make a ‘homemade degreaser’ to target ‘extra greasy’ spots

OVEN cleaning is a tedious chore that can take hours if it is particularly dirty. One expert has shared how to make a "homemade degreaser" using two products to target "extra greasy" areas.

Cleaning: ‘Versatile household remedy’ to help remove ‘significant dirt’ from ovens

Not only is a dirty oven unappealing, they are actually less efficient. Grease can decrease the efficiency of ovens, meaning food may take longer to cook. This could be dangerous when using packaging recommended timings to cook foods like meat and poultry, according...

‘Really simple way’ to clean ‘greasy’ ovens – ‘will help to dissolve the grease’

A cleaning expert from household cleaning and laundry products company, Dri Pak, has shared a “really simple way” to clean an oven using soda crystals and white vinegar. The expert said: “Cleaning the oven is a job everyone hates but I've come up...

DEAL OF THE DAY: Wowcher is slashing 54 percent off pizza ovens with prices from £43 up

Pizza is the perfect meal to enjoy with friends or family. With the spring arriving, Wowcher is now offering massive reductions on outdoor pizza ovens.With prices slashed by 54 percent off, Wowcher shoppers can now buy outdoor pizza ovens for discounted prices.Pizza ovens...
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