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‘Optimum temperature’ for washing your towels to avoid ‘stiff’ results – ‘keeps them soft’

Regular washing and drying can make towel fibres stiff and scratchy, but knowing which washing temperatures to use, how to load the washing machine, and which products to opt for can restore softness to towels, and prevent them from entering that state again....

‘Optimum temperature’ to heat your home and ‘save money’ on bills – ‘makes a difference’

Ofgem announced its latest review of the energy price cap last month, with the maximum amount utility providers can charge their standard tariff customers in the UK rising to £3,549 a year from October 1, an astounding 80 percent hike. As the situation is...

Menopause: Doctor shares optimum diet for losing tummy fat – still eating 'real food'

Dr Michael Mosley is a doctor turned weight loss guru who is a huge fan of intermittent fasting and the principles of the Mediterranean diet. He spoke about how incorporating a Mediterranean diet can be beneficial for women in perimenopause who want to...
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