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'Curtain is coming down on my career' Gary Oldman teases retirement

The Hollywood star, who won the best actor Oscar in 2018 for his portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill, admitted that he would be happy if his role in Apple TV's Slow Horses was his farewell performance.Oldman feels that after many roles perfecting unusual...

Gary Oldman opens up on 'memorable' Slow Horses' character 'Has no filter'

Apart from a few guest spots here and there, actor Gary Oldman can usually be seen in blockbuster movies or on a theatrical stage. However, he is helming the newest British crime drama on Apple TV+ Slow Horses. The 64-year-old has opened up about his no-nonsense...

Gary Oldman health: Actor's tongue turned 'black' due to past alcoholism – 'It's hell'

"And he answered, 'What? And have Sara throw me out as an impostor?' I did the same thing."Drinkaware explains that alcoholism is a serious form of drinking that can cause harm to your health, social life and work life.Also known as alcohol...

‘They’d still quote my fee from 1995!’ Gary Oldman takes swipe at BBC over salary

Hollywood star Gary Oldman has admitted if he was working for the BBC, he’d be unlikely to be paid very much. The Oscar-winner was discussing the difference between budgets for his BBC shows and his latest Apple TV+ series.He’s set to appear in...
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