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1.5-mile oil spill spotted off Washington coast: Coast Guard

SEATTLE — The U.S. Coast Guard is responding to a diesel spill off the west coast of Washington state’s San Juan Island after a 49-foot (15-meter) fishing vessel sank with an estimated 2,600 gallons (9,854 liters) of fuel on board. A Good Samaritan rescued...

Wyoming pipeline break spills 45,000 gallons of diesel

A diesel pipeline in Wyoming owned by a company that’s being sued by federal prosecutors over previous spills in two other states cracked open and released more than 45,000 gallons (205,000 liters) of fuel, state regulators and a company representative disclosed Friday. Cleanup work is ongoing...

Tim Allen’s yacht forces Michigan marina to shut down after leaking fuel

A northern Michigan marina closed over the Fourth of July weekend after actor Tim Allen’s yacht leaked fuel into the water, a report said. Roughly 30 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from Allen’s yacht on Sunday at the Northport Village Marina, located roughly...

Boat carrying unspecified amount of diesel fuel sinks off Galapagos Islands

A boat carrying barrels of diesel fuel has sank near one of Ecuador’s ecologically sensitive Galapagos Islands, according to officials. The spilled fuel left a “superficial” slick, but damage was minor and no one was hurt, according to Ecuador’s Environment Ministry and state-run oil...
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