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UK prison guards given ‘banter lessons’ so they don’t offend inmates

There’s no poking fun in this pokey! British prison guards were sent to classes for “banter lessons” to avoid hurting jailbirds’ feelings with good-natured ribbing, according to a report. Sixteen officers at the Moorland Prison in Doncaster, England attended the workshop to avoid bruising the...

'Cancel culture is appalling' Jimmy Krankie star fumes 'everyone has the right to offend!

Viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Ian's opinions surrounding cancel [email protected] said: "I loved this interview, I completely agree with everything you said. Really hope they make it to the studio soon."@robertsondcang1 commented: "Great interview with them. Nice to hear...

Dad's Army star claims creators introduced 'woke' rule 'Didn't want to offend Germans'

Dad’s Army premiered in 1968, more than 20 years after the end of the Second World War, and ran for nine series. Last year, the BBC slapped a warning on the 1971 Dad’s Army film but actor Frank Williams, who starred as vicar...
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