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'You can face prison': Drivers urged never to make 'common' licence offence – 'biggest no'

Drivers who accumulate 12 points on their licence will face an immediate driving ban for a minimum of six months and will be required to go to court for this offence. Speaking to, Daniel ShenSmith, who shared free legal guidance on his...

Gardeners could face huge £20k fine for cutting down certain trees – ‘fineable offence’

Leaves should be a healthy colour and be a good size and shape.Look out for signs of pest damage, water stress, technical damage and nutrient deficiencies.The tree’s appearance should reveal whether it is in distress.Reinforce and protect treesThe weather can be unpredictable in...

Warning to drivers: Police coming down 'hard' on license offence – 'shockingly common'

Daniel, The Black Belt Barrister, provides free legal guidance on this YouTube channel where he boasts more than 180,000 subscribers and almost 28million views. He uses his channel to inform the public about a number of legal issues, including driving laws and offences....

Are there ‘criminal plants' in your garden? It's an offence to have any of these 9 plants

Curled dockKnown as a flexible weed, the curled dock plant will outcompete most native species.Curled dock and broad-leaved dock are both covered by the Weeds Act, 1959.Japanese knotweedThis invasive plant can grow almost anywhere, causing significant issues to homeowners once it spreads throughout...
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