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Diabetes: Three body odours that may signal blood sugar levels have become ‘deadly’

People with type 1 diabetes will usually suffer ketoacidosis after infection, injury, serious illness, stress of surgery or missing doses of insulin shots.The condition is less frequent and severe in type 2 diabetes, but can be "triggered by prolonged uncontrolled blood sugar" explains...

‘Absolutely stunning non-toxic cleaner’ that makes towels ‘soft’ and ‘eliminates odours’

White vinegar not only strips residue left behind from the fabric softener, but it also works great to soften towels.As well as using vinegar, Laura suggests people turn down the heat on their washing machines, too.She advised: “Pop on your cycle, warm. Not roasting...

Remove ‘significant stains’ from mattresses with homemade solution – ‘absorbs odours’

Giving a mattress a deep clean every six months will ensure it remains fresh and will protect it in the long-run. Cleaning mattresses regularly will also keep them free of bacteria and potentially unpleasant critters like bed bugs. To effectively clean a mattress,...

‘Lasts for one month’: No-scrub toilet hack to avoid stains and odours using 1 ingredient

Toilets are hard to keep clean without regular scrubbing and will quickly become stained or even start to smell unpleasant. While toilet fresheners are considered the best hands-free solution to toilet cleaning, one homeowner has shared an even better way to prevent limescale...

‘Leave your washing machine smelling fabulous!’ Easy way to banish ‘bad odours’ from drum

“Leave it for a few minutes to do its work, then give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth.” And what about removing mould and grime from the rubber seal of a washing machine? The expert explained: “To remove grime from the rubber...

‘Works wonders’: Mrs Hinch fans share 80p hack to banish ‘smelly’ washing machine odours

CLEANING enthusiasts have taken to social media to share how to get rid of a "smelly" washing machine. One Mrs Hinch fan shared a 80p hack she uses "all the time".
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