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Official debunks claim spices used to cover odor of bodies in migrant-smuggling horror

Texas authorities haven’t found find any steak seasoning on the bodies of the 53 migrants who died in a sweltering tractor-trailer — despite claims that the pungent spices were used in an apparent attempt to cover the smell while smuggling the victims into...

Texas migrant truck was covered in spices to hide odor of 50 dead bodies stacked inside

Chilling new details emerged Tuesday in the Texas border horror that left at least 50 migrants dead in a truck — including how bodies were allegedly sprinkled with steak seasoning to mask their odor. A law-enforcement official told the Texas Tribune that many of...

Tourists at Sandals resort where 3 Americans died complained of ‘strong odor’ of insecticides

Tourists at the Sandals resort in the Bahamas where three Americans mysteriously died last week have been complaining about the intense smell of bug repellant, according to a new report. Multiple guests at the Grand Exuma resort told NBC News about the “strong odor”...

Sandals Bahamas deaths: Hotel guests complained of insecticide odor where Americans found dead: report

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Vacationers who have recently been in the area of the Sandals Bahamas resort where three Americans were found dead last week say they have complained about the "strong odor" of insecticide there, according to...
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