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Hawaiian fisherman Michael Matsunaga catches 26-pound octopus, breaks brother’s record

A fisherman in Hawaii reportedly caught a large octopus and broke a state record that was once held by his brother. Michael Matsunaga, 69, of Wahiawa, Hawaii, caught a 26-pound octopus on Aug. 31, according to HawaiiNewsNow. Matsunaga was bottom-fishing at 400 feet when he felt...

Octopus Energy is giving out free electric blankets – how you can claim one

Already, some 20 companies went into administration under unprecedented pressure in 2021. To relieve the burden of the energy crisis, UK ministers have allowed the remaining companies to relieve the burden by boosting their prices by an additional £700 a year.For over 22...

Octopus Energy first to offer deal BELOW energy price cap rise

“We’re also doubling our financial assistance fund for those most in need, and we’ll do all we can to help customers through this.“This includes increased investment in staff and systems to maintain the service level which makes us the only provider recommended by...
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